Because I spend so much time getting to know each couple -- to listen to their
ideas and dreams for their ceremony, to offer ideas and samples, and to
construct a unique ceremony, modify it until it's exactly what the couple
wants it to be, then rehearse it until it's presented properly -- much more
time and effort is required on my part than other officiants who do not offer
these types of services.  In fact, meeting and getting to know the couples I
work with, coordinating my ideas and theirs, creating their ceremony "First
Draft," then modifying and finalizing it until it's perfect, is what takes the
majority of my time as an officiant -- there's no other way to  create and
deliver a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony!  The ceremony itself, believe it or
not, is the shortest part of what I do!  

Based on the customized and personalized attention that I offer, I feel that
my fees are very reasonable for the time and service that I offer.  However,
my fees are higher than other officiants who offer only a limited choice of
ceremonies.  Please contact me via email or phone (see the "Contact Me"
page), and I will be happy to talk with you to about your ceremony, and give
you a firm price.  In order to hold your date and time, a 50% non-refundable
deposit is required.  Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card, via
PayPal; please see the "Payments" page for more information.

Although cost is one consideration, please consider and remember this -- price
alone should not be your only guide.  Choosing your officiant is one of the
most important decisions you'll make for your wedding day!  Remember, not
only will they be standing in front of you, speaking some of the most
important words you'll hear in your lifetime, but they will be setting the tone
for your celebration to follow.  

You want your ceremony to be personal and meaningful to you -- for it to
touch your hearts and your guests' hearts as well.  You want an officiant who
truly cares for you and who you feel a "connection" with; someone who takes
a personal interest in you and your ceremony, and who will spend the time and
effort necessary to work with you for as long as it takes to assure that your
ceremony is exactly what you want it to be; someone who will prepare to be
sure that your ceremony proceeds smoothly, and who will present your
ceremony joyfully.  

Your ceremony is the
heart of your wedding day.  Don't skimp on it!  You'll
remember the vows you exchange, and the look on your sweetheart's face, far
longer than any other part of your wedding day.  Choosing the right officiant
makes all the difference!  And, for the most part, when you look at your
wedding expenses, your officiant is usually one of your lowest-cost service
providers -- but in my opinion, they're the most important!

As a wedding officiant, I am passionate about what I do, and take great pride
in what I offer, and I truly care about the couples that I serve; my job is to
be sure that you remember your wedding ceremony as being one of the
highlights of your life together.  That's something that is priceless!
Celeste & Jason's
ceremony at the
Orlando Science Center
was so romantic -- and fun!